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The Heritage I

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Product Code: HRJ-01

My story began like this.

When I was a child, the beach was a giant sand playground. My granddad and I used to cycle along the coasts taking in the breeze and salty sunshine before we found a spot to set up our fishing rods. He was a man of little words but from his wrinkled hands, I understood those hands went through suffering and hardship, fed and clothed his family.

We would just sit there, rod in hand, gazing into the endless sea. It was times like these where no words were shared, that I sorely miss.

So what’s your story?

Classic heritage jar with a represents a world of it’s own, one that only you own – customisable setting, landscape and figurines. Recommended as a center piece on dining tables or display shelves.


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For reference only. The final product may somewhat differ. Well, it’s the only one of it’s kind.

We’ll definitely do our best to create one that favors you.

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