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Moss? Isn’t that like mold or something..?

That is absolutely not true! A misconception is that mosses and molds
are related. Molds on one hand are destructive, but certainly not mosses. Moss is a terrestrial plant has been hanging around since.. the beginning of time. Well, at least for almost 350 million years. Mosses are the first plants to emerge from oceans and conquered land – let’s just say that back then land plants and trees were the new kids on the block.
Mosses play a vital role in regulating nature’s ecosystems as they
facilitate an important exchange system for other plants, which thrive
alongside and benefit from the water and nutrients that mosses collect.
Mosses also control flooding, stabilize soils and provide small creatures
a nice and cosy shelter.


So, err how often should i water them?

Despite this common impression, moss is actually one of the most drought tolerant plants. Also, there are a number of species that need regular periods of dryness to survive.

  • False –Moss spores may be as common as mold spores or pollen at times,but they are generally non-allergenic.
  • First of all, do get a sprayer, do not pour water in.
  •  Mist lightly every two to three weeks with filtered /distilled or rain water  (only if dry). Closed lid terrarium provides self-sustaining environment which helps cycle water and retain humidity levels. If fogging appears (it means too much humidity), simply remove the lid to allow evaporation and replace it. Open your lid once in awhile ( This allow fresh air to cycle within ). * Repeat

Yikes, there’s water droplets in the terrarium?

Not to worry, that just means that humidity levels are a tad high which is a common sight in tropical Asia. This is known as fogging and when that happens, simply remove the lid to ventilate. It’s also good to occasionally remove the lid for a quick while to allow some fresh air in.

Most of the times however do keep the lids closed as it helps cycle water and retain humidity levels – its pretty much a self-sustaining mini ecosystem going on.

Where should it be placed?

Avoid putting it in direct sunlight, this can lead to too much humidity, and mold development. Most varieties of our moss thrive best indoors under bright artificial light (room/office lights is great!) or indirect sunlight. Shady spots indoors are also ideal but not totally dark.

OMG HELP. It turns brown! what should i do?

Here’s a tricky part.
First, Moss may turn brown because there are too much chlorine in the water, so make sure you are using the right water. Secondly, they may be lack of light (Moss are plants anyway), so move them to a brighter area but not directly under sunlight. Lastly, you may reset the humidity by opening up the lid and misting it slightly, do not drown it, too much water might
fog up and cause mold to appear.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted through PayPal.
However, if you wish to do a bank transfer (sorry, Singapore folks only!), drop us an email at mossingarden@gmail.com


Can I see the real deal before ordering?

We’re often hanging around at flea markets and we’ll be more than happy to say hi to you and share a thing or two. If you’re not sure when’s the next upcoming event you can catch us at, ask us mossingarden@gmail.com!
Alternatively, you can  visit our fabulous stockists

I am not from Singapore, can i still purchase?

Currently we do not ship overseas but it might be a possbility in the near future.
However if you’re from Malaysia you’re in luck, you may check out our products at our awesome stockists in Kuala Lumpur:


How do i place an order?

Well that’s easy. If something catches your fancy, let us know at

Maybe with the item description too?

Do you do customizations?

Sure we do! Reach out to us with what you have in mind – it could be from the type of bottle, the landscape right up to the figurines. We will try our best to make your mossy dreams come true.

Can i cancel my order after I’ve placed an order?

Although it is strongly discouraged, but yes you may. However, you will need to contact us immediately within the next hour at mossingarden@gmail.com to do so.

What if i’m not satisfied with my item?

We’re sorry but we’re unable to do refunds. However, we hear you and hope that we can work something out – just shout out to us.

How do I Return something to you?

If the item is damaged ( broken glass/chip off/scratches) * , please get  in touch with us and we will get this sorted out for you.


*Returns is based on situations only.

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